Industrial clean up

We have a great deal of experience from past projects in the treatment of stubborn and hard-to-clean contamination. The technologies we use are perfectly suitable for use in industrial clean up projects as well, for they already proved themselves time and again under significantly more difficult circumstances. Among other things, it is well worth paying attention to, for this might help your company to avoid a potential disaster; contamination deposited on the surface of machinery, electric equipment, building installations and air conditioning equipment (dust, grease and oil) is often blamed as the main reason for fire damage.

We offer our services in the following key areas:

  • Cleaning the flooring and walls of industrial facilities, buildings and halls
  • Clean up of machinery and electric equipment
  • Clean up of electric distribution boxes, switchboards and control boxes, thermographic survey
  • Internal cleaning of air handling equipment and conduits

The main goal of Drycon Hungary Kft. is to provide high-quality services with a view to meeting the customers’ needs. All damages are different, and similarly, there are no two industrial installations alike. Different needs and different circumstances demand special, customised solutions.

Ask for an estimate tailored to your specific needs.