Water damage restoration

Water flooding out of control can be very damaging, just as a simple burst in a water pipe can held some unwelcome surprise in store. Moisture seeping into the building structure must be removed expertly, and this is just as important as exploring and eliminating the problem. We can prevent consequential damages such as mould or mildew. Therefore, we recommend to have the level of humidity checked whenever large quantities of water is involved, so as to get accurate information on the damage incurred. We offer the following services to our customers:

  • Immediate response in clean up work, finding and eliminating the problem
  • Instrument diagnostics, humidity check
  • Removal of water from building structures, air drying of the building and floorings
  • Removal of liquid and solid remnants, decontamination
  • Cleaning and flushing pipes and conduits
  • Dehumidification and mould removal
  • Recovery and cleaning of machinery, equipment and control systems
  • Cleaning switchboards and electric equipment
  • Treatment and disposal of hazardous liquids
  • Subsequent waterproofing, watertight interior and exterior insulation of concrete and conventional walls
  • Special trade construction works where necessary