Fire damage restoration

A fire is almost always devastating, whether it is a home or a business. Apart from the human tragedy factor, which cannot be measured or quantified, it results in other damages whose value can be determined accurately. Whatever did not burn, it will be damaged by soot or smoke, or will be soaked with water that has been used in fire fighting. In this bleak situation we are required to bring a good decision, and a quick on at that, upon carefully weighing the potential consequences. And there are always consequences.

  • Soot damage remaining from various combustible materials carry additional dangers! It is capable to corrode metal clad surfaces, hence destroying technical equipment and machinery.
  • The hazardous by-products of burning can reach the sewage conduits, and may seep into the soil as well causing environmental damage of some degree, or may be carried by the air, hence contaminating areas which had not been directly affected by the fire itself.
  • Fire-fighting water remaining – in large quantities in some cases – in building structures may cause moulding, which may result in a prolonged problem, or health hazards on occasion, to the people living in such buildings.

These are only few examples of the damages resulting from fire, which, however, can be prevented by professionals upon appropriate response. For making a responsible decision one has to know all the circumstances, while expertise is an essential component as well. Ten major reasons for seeking the help of restoration experts in such cases:

  • Workmanship and Experience. Our staff is made up of trained experts in their own fields, and they have specific practical knowledge in restoration and clean up.
  • Fast and Efficient Response. We are fast and efficient in isolating the damaged areas, and also in reducing losses so as to restore normal functioning as soon as possible.
  • Cost-effectiveness and Safety. We use special procedures to salvage furniture and other items which we would discard under other circumstances. We guarantee that all equipment we have salvaged or recovered is free from contaminants.
  • Convenience and Reliability. We handle it all, so that you will not have to coordinate the work of different experts. Complete, “turnkey” service.
  • Customer Support and Consulting. Upon receipt of your call we will immediately provide useful information and practical advice. Call us for a free estimate and for further information.